What is North Country Kids

What is North Country Kids

North Country Kids is an Early Intervention and Preschool agency. We offer the earliest possible intervention and support for infants, toddlers and preschool children (birth to five years of age) who have difficulties in the areas of speech, cognitive, behavior, social emotional or gross and fine motor development. Early intervention is a state-wide, family centered developmental service and is available at no cost to families for children found eligible by an evaluation team.

We recognize that every moment in a child’s life is precious, and the first five years are especially critical to a child’s development.

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The Importance of early intervention

Studies show that intervening with children who are at risk for a variety of problems as early as possible significantly improves their prognosis for future success.

North Country Kids is committed to providing the highest quality treatment available to children with disabilities and developmental delays. Our experienced therapists offer researched-based approaches to work with genetic and behavioral disorders as well as apraxia and autism. Our goal during therapy is to enhance communication to enable

Who is Eligible?

  • Was born early
  • Has a vision or hearing problem
  • Has a disability or health condition
  • Has been slow to sit up, crawl, or walk
  • Has been slow to make sounds, use words, or talk
  • Has behavior or attention difficulties